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Episode 16: Vinita Brings You The News

  CBS This Morning Saturday Anchor Vinita Nair joined me to talk about her career, how she almost had an English Accent and why she doesn’t have a Master’s degree…..yet.   For more information on... Read More
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Episode 15: Jack Is Never A Dull Boy

  Jack Gattanella, a filmmaker and critic, joins me for a dueling podcast where we discuss his work, his love for animation and how he became a fan of sports.   For more information on... Read More
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Episode 14: Rebecca Sings Her Heart Out

  Rebecca Vigil, a comedian and singer, joins me to chat about music, waiting on prize money and funny women. We recorded it this in NYC in a room with a noisy and then silent... Read More
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Episode 13: Collaborate With Stan and Matt

  Matt Steiner (Return guest!) and Stan Richardson both join me to talk serial killers, being a team and how to create relevant art in NYC.   For more info on them and their group, The... Read More
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Episode 12: Let’s Brunch with Jamie and Mehdi

  Host/Creator Jamie Leelo and Co-Host/Head Producer Mehdi Barakchian sat down with me in midtown to discuss all things Brunch Night! We chatted so long, our time ran out, but it was a lovely conversation.... Read More
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