Director and DP Bobby Sansivero sat down with me in Astoria to talk about his first feature “Wild Men”, working with friends and why audio matters so much to him.


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Makeup Artist Tishonna “Tish” Fergusons sat down with me at a cafe on Long Island to discuss chasing dreams, what’s in her makeup kit and finding the inner beauty in everyone.

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I sat down with Mike Dean and Tim Radecki the co-creators of the new comic book Super-Bud at their apartment in Philly. We chatted about what it takes to create a comic book, making a kickstarter and the Comic Con experience.


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Actor and Co-Creator of The Representatives Matt Steiner joins me to talk clowning, apartments and being fearless.


We recorded this in the Church basement where his latest play was being performed in NYC.


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CBS This Morning Lighting Director Kevin Fox and I sat down to talk soap opera tricks, lighting for news and Yankee baseball.


Recording in the CBS Broadcast center basement.


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