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Keith Panzarella is an actor, writer and wonderful comedy improviser that I have had the good fortune of knowing for most of my adult life. We actually went to school together but as he was younger than me, I only became friends with him when it was cool for him and I could look more important, as in, I was a senior and he was a freshman.


Keith has spent many years working the acting circuit, cutting his teeth in local community theatre, off broadway shows and the like but really found his niche in comedy. We both attended classes together at the PIT, People’s Improv Theatre where he thrived and soon found his way on a House Team. A House Team is an improv group that performs live every single week. His group is called Roxanne and I highly recommend you check them out. Especially because…. it’s FREE!



I highly recommend Improv classes to anyone in the acting field or generally, anyone period. The classes allow you to think quick on your feet, work on your communication skills and most importantly to trust and be trusted. A good improv show is a study in listening and following as well as knowing when to put yourself out there or to hold back. All of the skills you learn are essential to getting ahead in any walk of life, not just comedy or acting alone. You learn that the most important two words are: “Yes…and” which means agreeing with an idea and building on it. There are no wrong choices in improv so long as they are building upon what has been established.


Bad Improv is like bad sex, only one person is enjoying it. People who are in it just for themselves, who are pushing for every punchline and don’t listen to their partners, those are the people who don’t get it.


Keith is NOT one of those people. He is a giving, warm performer who always finds a way to stay grounded in even the craziest of situations. He is also a master “Lip Quiverer”, someone who can fake cry (Or maybe he’s really crying) with the best of them as this short video demonstrates:


In all, Keith is a performer not to be missed. He is a name to keep in mind in the comedy and Improv world. He even allowed me to podcast from his bedroom!

Keith is also fairly musically inclined, so I close this blog with a song he wrote for an upcoming album…. maybe.


For more information on improv classes:

I grew up with the media. With a father and an aunt who work in news, I have always found myself surrounded by people who are plugged in to this industry. At a fairly young age I realized that I loved entertaining people, creating and telling stories, both true or fiction to an audience. It’s why I became an actor and a writer. However, that is not the steadiest of professions and while I forge my own way in the arts, I still have to eat so I have spent the last 8 or so years working in production as a technician and other behind the camera positions at various shows.


Working “In Production” is a vague term that can be used to describe just about anyone who works on a project, be it as a writer, director, producer, actor or as a camera operator, key grip, special effects artist, etc. All have a vital role to play in the creation and execution of an idea becoming reality. Without one of these parts, the machine falls apart, the idea fails. Yes, some are more high profile or high paying but any production is a team, if not always a family or community.



This website/podcast/blog/videoblog represents a chance to marry both of these lifestyles together. I will be interviewing people from all aspects of this industry, getting their stories and trying to better understand what they do on a given production. I’ll also be trying to demystify some of the mysteries of set life and explain what certain jobs ACTUALLY are and do. Maybe as you explore the site and podcasts, you’ll find a job you always wanted to try. At it’s core, this is meant to be entertaining as well as informative. There will be comedy, some drama and above all else, the stories of real people working real jobs, though ironically on projects that are often make-believe in their content.


While still fairly new to this business of running a site and podcasting, I will do my honest best at each turn to give you all the information as I learn it and hope that you take this trip along with me. I promise it’s worth the ride.

Thanks for visiting!