In Production Profile 10: Tish Ferguson

December 1, 2014

Tishonna Ferguson had a dream. She didn’t know it at the time but within her she always felt it. As she made her way through life and a career path that was successful but not always fulfilling, she began to question it. Finally, it dawned upon her, she needed to make that change and soon found herself in a world she could never imagine: Makeup.




Starting out is never easy, especially when it’s a complete life change. She had to sacrifice a lot, give up a stable life and take the plunge in to the unknown that was ahead of her. Armed with just determination and her talent she began to make in roads in to the business.

A fashion show here, a family friend there, she began to build up her brand client by client. At first it was just to gain experience and put her name out there. Long nights, no days off, constantly updating your skillset and makeup kit, saying yes to any opportunity. It seemed like a daunting task.

In time though, it began to pay off. She started to get noticed. People began to ask for her on various projects and her network began to grow. Soon the REAL jobs began to flow in.




Now, several years later, she’s primed to explode. With recurring makeup jobs on TWO major two shows, you’ll be seeing her work weekly. Tishonna’s mission is to not create beauty but to bring out what is already there. As she told me in the podcast, she focuses less on what is perceived as a flaw with someone and more on what they love about themselves. Then she works hard to bring that to the forefront for everyone to see. Inner beauty made obvious.

You can follow Tishonna’s career by checking out her work on VH1’s “Love and Hip Hop: New York” ¬†which makes it’s season 5 debut on December 15th and in many other shows to come in 2015. Also, be sure to check out her twitter and instagram:


The hustle never stops but success is in her sights!




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