In Production Profile 11: Bobby Sansivero

January 20, 2015

Episode 11 finds our first repeat guest, this time with his own episode! It’s Bobby Sansivero, DP, shooter and now first time feature director. He previously appeared on episode 5 with the entire LOSERS creative team where he worked as the DP and primary camera operator for that production. He used several of his comrades from that team to help him on his own new project.


Bobby has been working hard on his feature film debut, a loving homage/spoof of hunting for Bigfoot called “Wild Men”. Principal photography wrapped the end of last year and with some help from the State of NY’s film grant, his visions are swiftly becoming a reality.





Bobby started his career on the audio side of things before becoming more and more enamored with video production. Before too long he had his own gear and was in demand all over the tri-state area for his skills as at Director of Production and primary shooter.


He’s worked on everything from shorts and web series, to commercial shoots and everything in between. His work ethic and attention to detail, especially coming from a sound background make him a vital part of any production.


Recently hired by a company in NYC to do product testing and short video production, he looks to have a firm foothold in this industry and with the completion of his first feature, the sky remains the limit for him and his work.





For more info on Bobby, Wild Men and other production’s he’s involved in, check out the links below:



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