In Production Profile 12: Jamie Leelo and Mehdi Barakchian

February 24, 2015



Jamie Leelo and Mehdi Barakchian have a wild notion: that late night talk shows need more bubbles. Not just that but they could use a little more color, more smiles and maybe, just maybe some more girl power. That in a nutshell is Brunch Night with Jamie Leelo. Taking the daytime talk show fun and putting in the late night glamour. They’ve booked a lot of big powerhouse guests already and begun to get great word of mouth from magazines, critics and comedy lovers alike.


Jamie founded the show on her own, looking for any way to begin to make her impact on the comedy scene in NYC. From the get-go she was extremely ambitious and while it was quite possibly a bigger undertaking than she could even fathom at the time, she found a way to thrive. She always had the balls as she also began performing stand-up comedy professionally but realized after a particularly difficult show, she couldn’t do it alone.


Mehdi meanwhile was going through a comedy odyssey of his own. An a comedy addict, he began to explore the improv comedy scene and went from simply taking classes at UCB to now being employed by them! Before too long he found his paths crossing with Jamie and it was a match made over shots at the PIT comedy bar.




Along the way both found that their great strengths complimented the other in unexpected ways and before too long, romance began to blossom. They are clear-eyed about how tough it can be to mix work and relationships but if you witness the two of them working together, you get a feeling they just might find a way to make it all stick.


I can attest to this, as I’ve had the great pleasure of working with both of them as they take their show to new heights, namely, the Waldorf Astoria Hotel. Unlike anything ever attempted before, this upcoming show will mix comedy, talk show, variety show and a grand sense of whimsy to give the audience a truly unique and undeniably New York experience.




Guests have been booked (Any fans of the TV show Gotham?), bits are being finalized, segments edited down and believe it or not, a few tickets are still available!


For those interested parties, it’s a simple click away:



With Jamie and Mehdi’s creative forces in full flight, this will be a show not to miss!


For more info on Brunch Night, Jamie or Mehdi, check out their website, which contains all the new information and updates on future guests and shows:




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