In Production Profile 13: Stan Richardson and Matt Steiner

April 20, 2015



Stan Richardson and Matt Steiner have a story to tell. Make that several stories to tell. Like most artists who make NYC their home, they are constantly on the lookout for new ways to express their gifts and share it with the audience. What they have created over the last few years is among the most unique theatre and artistic experiences available to anyone hungry for a new story.


Meet The Representatives!




In a nutshell, what the Reps do is quite a feat: Stan writes and together he and Matt produce plays that usually tackle a current or timely event in an unexpected way. What sets them apart though is the timeline and location. Since 2012, each of their new work is created, produced and performed within a quick window usually a month or less in a specific location. At first, it was inside an apartment, which gives the audience the unique feeling of an intimate encounter mixed with the theatre.


As the productions have gone on, they’ve raised the stakes and scope, branching out to bigger venues such as Churches and warehouses, which still help inform and enlighten both the work and their performance. Their latest project, Beddy Tear is even more unique as it combines live theatre with pre-recorded video segments and sometimes mixes the two to provide an audio-visual experience like no other.







Matt was a previous guest on the podcast where he discussed one of the Reps earlier shows:


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