In Production Profile 14: Rebecca Vigil

July 9, 2015



Rebecca Vigil has a song in her heart and she is not afraid to use it. Hailing from all over the place (just ask her!) but eventually from LA, Rebecca is a seasoned comedian and improviser who has pioneer her own brand of in your face musical styled comedy.


Using just a backing band and the audience’s reactions and responses, she creates a musical journey for everyone to enjoy, oftentimes just from a few sentences and answers. Never one to back down from an awkward pause or heckler, Rebecca does the seemingly impossible, what Wayne Brady always seems to make look easy: create music in the moment.




Having been a recent guest on Brunch Night with Jamie Leelo (Other friends of the show!), Rebecca took me on a timeline of her journey from a game show winner to a New York comedy vet.


Her latest project is a combination comedy and love story, which she and her partner are very excited to perform in the upcoming Fringe Festival and has received rave reviews from the Village Voice and New York Times. Further details, and to help fund their dreams can be found on their indiegogo page:




For more information on Rebecca, including where you can see her perform, check out her website as well:





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