In Production Profile 15: Jack Gattanella

August 9, 2015



This episode’s guest is none other than film maker and critic Jack Gattanella!


Jack, a lifelong resident of Jersey, has always been interested in film. From a young age, when his passion was animation, Jack devoured everything in sight that had to do with cinema. Soon, as his teenage and then college years kicked in, Jack could be found writing and shooting in all of his spare time. Anything to continue creating and exploring his own imagination.


Jack can be found on set when he’s not working elsewhere and is able to do whatever job is required. From directing his own work to helping friends and collaborators with audio, producing or even acting (I can attest that he makes a fine and convincing zombie), Jack is a true team-player and someone always willing to lend a hand to get the work done.




One of his most impressive works to date is the completion of his first feature film “Green Eyes”, which he wrote and directed and had its premiere in 2013. The film was screened at a wide variety of festivals and can now be found both in stores and online:

Green Eyes on Amazon


Jack also moonlights as a film critic, which enables him to combine his love of cinema with the behind the scenes know-how from a long time on set to give a unique perspective on what is currently hitting theaters or has already been released. Some of his work can be found at:


Though unfailingly modest, it is quite clear that Jack is a force to be reckoned with in the independent film world so be sure to look out for whatever he has next!

For more information on Jack and to view some of his film work, check out his website:



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