In Production Profile 17: Michelle Ciotta

December 17, 2015



Michelle Ciotta is the very definition of a jack-of-all-trades, though the female version (Jackie?). Now known as one of the up and coming go to editors for comedy in New York, she took quite a winding path to arrive where she is today.


Not initially interested in performing, she rapidly found herself being cast in sketch comedies and short films throughout school and college. Then, on a whim, after seeing a show at the PIT, she began to take some improv classes and as she puts it, “caught the bug”.


Fast forward a few years and she is now both an accomplished performer as well as editor. Some of her recent work has even made waves with the folks at NPR:




Michelle initially HATED editing but after accepting a job at a commercial production company, soon found herself becoming increasingly involved in every aspect of post-production. Throughout, she followed one simple plan: just keep learning. At every step, she took the time and whatever help was offered to add more and more tools to her skill set.


One of her biggest goals when editing, especially in comedy, is to match the tone and style of whatever the piece of mimicking. Be it through use of color, music or graphics, part of what Michelle’s work so in demand is her high attention to detail and the desire to only release her most accurate work.


On a recent Brunch Night assignment, she was tasked with re-producing the feel of a Bravo reality TV show, and as seen by the footage below, her eye was letter perfect:



In all, Michelle’s work is beginning to be seen everywhere and for very good reason.


To see more of her work, check out her website:


Follow her on twitter:


And look for more of her work with UCB Comedy:



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