In Production Profile 2: Manny Gutierrez

May 19, 2014

Manny Gutierrez is a free lance camera operator that I have had the pleasure of knowing for several years now. He has worked on a wide variety of gigs and equipment, ranging from the Steadicam to the Jib to the TechnoCrane and JitaCam. Of late his work can be seen on MTV, VHI and a host of other shows. As we discuss in the podcast, Manny never stops hustling for work.


The life of a free-lancer is one that means you are always on the lookout for more work. While many people aspire to achieve that Staff job at a show or studio because it means security as well as a steady paycheck, free lancers are always one show away from being out the door. It is not a lifestyle for the timid and you must always be ready to start over again. Constantly acquiring new skills as well as a larger network of contacts is vital.


Manny started out working on Jib Cameras, which are cameras that are attached to long poles or cranes for higher angled, sweeping shots. Typically, they are set up like so:



However, of late, he has been dabbling more with the SteadiCam, a camera that the operator literally wears and carries almost like an attachment to their body. He is pictured here with one such rig:

manny all rigged out


As we discuss at length in the podcast, the SteadiCam is something that takes total commitment and body control since the operator is literally a part of the equipment.


Manny remains one of the hardest working young operators I know in this industry as well as one of the most introspective. Forward thinking, yet still paying respect to those who have come before him. He has a deep and fierce love for his work and his family, which he someone balances out as best he can.


If you’d like to contact Manny for more info in to what he can do for you, here’s a link to his linkedin profile:

Without further ado, enjoy our podcast!

Then Manny has to get back to work:

manny fixing



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