In Production Profile 3: John Pry And Paul Manecky

May 28, 2014

John Pry and Paul Manecky have a vision. Some would call it wild or improbable but along with their partners, they have created a new concept camera that is very quickly taking the world by storm. The standard Jib camera is well known and used in the industry, with a long boom arm capable of getting all kinds of beautiful sweeping shots. However, the Jita guys decided to shift that paradigm literally by shifting the Jib in to the air and thus, JITA (Jib In The Air) was born:


Many long months were spend on perfecting this new technology as the JITA cam is able to get a full 360 degrees of motion as well as not leaving a “footprint” during installation, meaning it doesn’t take up valuable floorspace for VIP’s to sit. What has been created is a streamlined technology that combines the old Jib ability with something very new and fresh, something that at first people weren’t sure what to do with.



It wasn’t until a few big breaks went there way that JITA began to really take off. Now, whenever you watch a UFC fight, or perhaps an awards show or chances are, you’re seeing a JITAcam in action.

Based out of Sparta, New Jersey but already being used worldwide ( full rigs are being used in Australia), the JITACam is rapidly becoming an in demand choice for high profile shows and productions. Not bad for an idea that few people could figure out only a few years ago.



For more info on the JITACam, including demo videos, check out their website:

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