In Production Profile 5: LOSERS Production Team

July 17, 2014

Viva LOSERS! That was the call and cry for a rag-tag group of friends who came together to create their hybrid idea for a TV pilot: a mix of comedy, sci-fi and pathos with action and romance thrown in for good measure. I had the good fortune and pleasure to be cast in a lead role and got to know the whole crew over the course of some very long but productive shooting days.




Director and writer Carlos Del Rosario was the man with the plan, the vision and the script. An idea that came about through a personal event in his life (As told on the podcast!), Carlos set out to tell a story of friendship and inner truth. Mostly self taught, he has become an in demand SFX artist and editor as well as continually pushing his own projects to greater heights. For all LOSERS related info, check out their pages:




Actor and Producer Zack Abramowitz met Carlos at Hunter College and the two struck up a quick friendship. They began to collaborate on various ideas and eventually the beginning of LOSERS was born. In addition to his work on LOSERS, Zack has pursued his own projects including Kyle Sands: Raptor Hunter. More info on Zack and his many endeavors can be found on his website:




Producer Alex Valderana met the rest of the LOSERS team while working on his own sci-fi undertaking, a sprawling re-imagination of the Batman series centered on the character Nightwing, entitled, “Nightwing: Escalation”. In addition to writing and directing the series, Alex has also branched in to still photography with a growing resume of clients. His work for both projects can be seen at:



DP Bobby Sansivero’s impeccable eye for shooting has garnered him a sterling and growing reputation among tri state area filmmakers. No slouch himself, he recently finished a production of a web series, “Flicks” and is throwing himself right in to a feature film working with, you guessed it, some of his previous LOSERS production partners. Not bad for just an “audio” guy. Check out more of his work:


As you can tell, all of these guys have grown to be like brothers with a love/hate relationship that has gotten even stronger since three of them became roommates in Queens! When they put their minds together, you can never tell what will happen but you can bet it’ll be epic and potentially, award winning:



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