In Production Profile 6: Brette Goldstein

August 15, 2014



If you’ve been acting in New York city for any amount of time, chances are you’ve heard, met or auditioned for Brette Goldstein. She is one of the more unforgettable people in the New York Casting Industry. With a no holds bar view on casting and a blunt, honest approach to her craft, Brette has become a queen of the Indy movie scene as well as a teacher always in demand.


Being in a room with her is like trying to catch lightning in a bottle as she is a constant source of conversation, gossip, wisdom and street smart “New York B*tch” which is meant entirely as a compliment. You will always know where you stand with her, what she likes, what she doesn’t and what you can work on for the future.




Originally from Maryland, Brette spent the first decade or so of her career down there, working with some of the best and most respected theatres in Maryland and Washington DC. Eventually, the big city came calling and she made the leap up north. Over time, she began to expand her casting empire from theatre to films and eventually commercials and industrials.


Always working on new projects, getting on Brette’s good side and radar is a must for any New York actor looking to break in to indy films, commercials and industrials. The classes she teaches all over the city are universally beloved and always sell out quick, so if given the chance, jump at it!




For more information on Brette, including recent projects she’s working on, check out her website:


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