In Production Profile 7: Kevin Fox

September 7, 2014

Any good TV show host, actor or presenter will tell you they only look as good as the lighting. No matter how beautiful or how much makeup has been applied, bad lighting equals bad look. Tired, hungover, ruddy-faced, double chinned, all of that can be somewhat masked with a good lighting director. Luckily for CBS This Morning, they have a fine one in Kevin Fox.


As Lighting Director, it is Kevin’s job to make the vision set forth by the Executive Producer and Director a reality. With the help of Grips and hundreds of lights, on a daily basis, the set must be lit to showcase both the anchors as well as constantly changing guests and segments. The goal for news is to make the broadcast warm, inviting but also professional and at times to highlight certain aspects of the set or anchor for emphasis.


Elusive off camera, his work speaks volumes to the product being broadcast on a daily basis. With a set that shoots “In the round”, every angle and every position someone can look or sit in must be lit evenly to avoid the harsh shadows and inevitably tired faces of morning television.




Kevin has been a TV lifer, working his way up from soap operas and other odd job production gigs to finally finding a true calling with lighting. Taking an interest in every detail around him, Kevin knows the ins and outs of TV studio and production work. His path is one he claims is based mostly on good fortune and luck as well as the help of those around him but through his tireless work ethic and general good natured disposition, his work speaks for itself.


Lighting is among the more underrated factors in a good production as when it is done well, it is barely noticed. Only when something ISN’T lit or not done properly does it become obvious and make everything look amateurish. Having people who pride themselves in putting their best work forward matters or as Kevin says on the podcast making your baseline broadcast worthy.


Outside of TV, Kevin’s interest are very diverse, including music and sports. As an avid guitar player, song writer and Yankee fan, you can expect to hear him talk about a great many ideas, songs and plays outside of the realm of production. I included some of his music on the podcast to give but a glimpse of the man behind the lights. Listen now as we shine a light on Kevin Fox and check out his handy work every morning on CBS This Morning.



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