In Production Profile 8: Matt Steiner

September 25, 2014

The living theatre is alive and kicking thanks to Matt Steiner and his creative partner Stan Richardson’s group: The Representatives. They offer unique, thought-provoking shows with a twist: Each show takes place in a donated apartment or space that directly or indirectly influences the play. Calling them bold is an understatement. Each production gives a window in to a particular place and time the two find themselves, and as they put it, is a glimpse in to their creative dreams and nightmares. Watching a Representatives piece is a little like being a voyeur, ¬†with the feeling of overhearing two friends or a couple fight in real time. The feelings are raw, visceral and not to be missed.





With their most recent production just finishing up a very successful run at a Church in Manhattan, the sky remains the limit for the two men. They’ve already got a full slate of ideas lined up for the winter and are looking to put a cap on their most successful season yet.


Matt’s background is typical and yet completely unique for an actor. Originally hailing from California, his first passion like so many west coasters was film. However, he soon caught the theater bug and hasn’t really looked back since. After relocating to NY, he took the usual route of auditions, some bookings and such but felt something missing. After some searching, he discovered an old-world show biz training that many overlook: The art of clowning.




Clowning, not just in the big red nose and floppy shoes sense, but more in the being fearless to his own imagination opened Matt’s creative juices to a whole new world of possibilities. The skills and courage he gained from studying clowning have kept him moving ever forward and is a big part of what propels his work in The Representatives. As Matt talks about in the podcast, it allowed him to now embrace the fear of the unknown and be present with an audience in ways he had never imagined before.


Of late, Matt has also been finding more work in the film/TV industry and I had the good fortune to star in the LOSERS TV pilot alongside him. He kept everyone in stitches throughout production and hopefully as the pilot gets more interest and traction, all the good work of everyone involved will be further recognized.





For more information on Matt and his work with the Representatives, including future show information, check out their website:



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