In Production Profile 9: Mike Dean and Tim Radecki

October 20, 2014

Mike and Tim are the co-creators of the new comic book series: Super-Bud about a powerful form of weed that may or may not give superpowers. With a unique look, mixing elements of pop culture and humor, they hope to use the recently finished first issue as a launching point to further ideas and hopefully continue the series.




The two met in college and bonded over a mutual love of all things pop culture including Star Wars and obviously comics. Mike and Tim both work in all sort of aspects of production but came together to make this new idea come true.  Both are now long-time residents of the Philly area and recently were seen at the New York Comic Con building hype and interest for their new work.


On other live action projects, as described to me in the podcast interview, Tim handles the direction of actors while Mike is more the technical authority but both come together to use their creativity and make something greater than the sum of the parts.





They sought out and found noted artist Tim Lattie to handle the drawing or pencil/ink portion of the comic while they enlisted Giulio Batawp Rincione as their colorist.

Believing whole-heartedly in this latest project has led the two to create a kickstarter campaign to get funding for future issues. With the first one finished and making the rounds, they hope to finish the series soon and show the world the entire vision of their creation. Thanks partially to their appearance at the New York Comic Con they recently made the Top 10 of Comic Book kickstarters listed on the site and hope to fully fund their project before too long.




To help the two with their project, please check out and contribute to their kickstarter page:


And to keep up with information on the comic, be sure to like their facebook page:


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